Acorn Rentals is Australia’s leading supplier of free rental cars to people not at fault in a car accident. If you’re unfortunate enough to be in this situation we can provide you with a free courtesy car while your car is repaired, with our costs paid by the at-fault insurance company. We are fully licenced to provide a wide range of accident replacement vehicles including passenger and commercial vehicles in every state and territory in Australia.

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  • How Accident Replacement Vehicles Work
    Wed, 15 Aug 2012

    Chances are you've been there yourself, or know someone who has been unfortunate enough to have a car accident that wasn't their fault. It can quite often be a nightmare, with your car off the road in the repair shop for days, weeks or even months. Life goes on though, and with it the need for your vehicle.

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  • I think you have a fabulous service and I was very happy with the arrangements.

    Warren K
  • Thanks very much. Your service and the vehicle were great.

    Rob N
  • Excellent, professional and efficient service. Made the whole process so easy, would highly recommend Acorn Rentals to others.

    John D
  • Just a quick email to thank you for the opportunity to use your excellent service. It was a pleasure to drive the Corolla which was so modern and clean. I would certainly recommend your company.

    Merrilyn W
  • The service was really good. I liked the customer service and the speed of the hire/delivery. You guys will be always recommended by me.

    Fred F
  • Thank you very much for the first class service that we were given. I was extremely impressed that I received a phone call and was told that someone would be delivering a vehicle to me within two hours and spot on the two hours Lyndonn arrived at my workplace. His explanation of the rental was very clear and friendly. We have since recommended your service ...

    Michael & Cathy B
  • Good service, new car and convenience. Will recommend to friends. Thank you Acorn Rentals

    Sanh L
  • Outstanding service! I have recommended you to many people and informed the crash repair people that you are highly regarded.

    Linda R
  • I am very impressed with the service and the car that I got from Acorn Rentals. This was a difficult time for me and your staff were just super in the way they handled everything for me. Well done and thank you

    Erwin R
  • When I heard about your service I did not believe it. That I could get a hire car the whole time my car was being fixed and you would charge the at faults insurance. It was a blessing with two kids. Acorn met us at the repair shop and was very helpful. At the time you gave us a two door car which would not really work with a family but t...

    Jane L
  • I found the service extremely helpful and stress free. Thank you very much.

    Carlie B
  • Thank you - the service was excellent.

    Jo K
  • I’d like to congratulate you all on the entire seamless process you provided me from the moment the initial helpful phone call was made from this office to meeting Jerry at Menai and right through to your correspondence whether email or text. Brilliant! I’m in the business of service and would like to think that we excel at that, it is trul...

    Vince C
  • Your service was invaluable, had I known about it before AAMI offered me a hire car I would have called you then. Rose whom I spoke to was very helpful and I was amazed at how quickly everything was organised. I have told everyone I know about you. Keep up the great work.

    Michelle H
  • This is a fantastic service provided to not at fault clients. It took 4 weeks to have my care repaired due to hard to get parts and I would have been without a car which would have inconvenienced me a great deal. I have passed this onto many people I know in the same situation... Thanks once again for your help.

    Julie C
  • I would like to compliment Acorn for the manner they have conducted their service in the supply of a rental car since my accident. Having been invlolved in an accident which was totally the fault of the other driver leaves a feeling of frustration, inconvenience, and to a large extent anger. Acorn has done much to alleviate that feeling with ...

    Ross S
  • Hi. I would like to say many thanks for your service. It has been exceptionally refreshing experience to deal with your team. The nature of your service has alleviated a lot of stress. Since the accident, it was quite an ordeal to organize a courtesy car. The insurance company seemingly (mainly through misinformation) had my hands tied up in terms...

    Christina K
  • Hi there, Thank you for the fabulous service you offer - it definitely made life a lot easier whilst I was waiting for settlement! Will be recommending you to everyone. Thanks again.

    Nicole R
  • Your service made my life a lot easier. Last time my car was out it took three months, which in at the time I had no car for most of this time. I wish I knew about you then. Thank you.

    Elizabeth M
  • I recently had the benefit of your service whilst my car was repaired and it totally relieved the situation of its no-car drama. The process was easy and the hire car was delivered to the repairer, I was very happy to have picked up the leaflet in the panel beaters office.

    Virginia L
  • Hi There, Thank you so much for your professionalism, efficiency and friendly service. I was involved in an accident which I wasn't at fault, and was advised by the insurance company that I wasn't entitled to a rental car while my car was in the smash repair workshop. Acorn Rental provided a nice car for the period, too...

    An T
  • Thank you very much! Your service was great and helped me out a lot. Only good things to say and I'll definitely be spreading the word about you guys.

    Josh F
  • Service was great, car provided was brand new, no hassles and very easy to deal with. Would definitely hire again from Acorn as it was so easy, they did all the organising for me.

    Anthony M
  • Hello, I would like to say thank you to Acorn Rentals for the speedy and courteous service I received, I was most impressed and would have no hesitation in recommending you at all in the future. Many thanks for a really lovely car to drive whilst mine was being repaired. And yes the inconvenience was lessened and thank you so much.

    Karen B
  • Thank you for making such a headache go away. I loved my brand new X-Trail and was most hesitant to give it back! I would highly recommend your service to anyone out there.

    Samantha C
  • Firstly, thank you so very much for providing this service. To have a car whilst mine was being repaired, was a saviour, not sure how I would have managed without a car (work, the family). Also, it was very convenient - picking up the car at the smash repairer and dropping it there. Also, every time I spoke to the Customer Service team, they were very helpf...

    Diana C
  • It is rare these days to find a company that provides a great customer experience and is easy to deal with. Everyone I spoke to from Acorn were great and Aaron (that dropped the car off to me) went to great lengths to make sure I was looked after.

    Chris P
  • The service provided was fantastic; the only criticism is that I didn’t hear about your service until the smash repairer gave me your information. I have and will continue to ‘promote’ your business to family and friends. Thanks!

    Kate W
  • To whom it may concern. I thought the service provided was excellent, I was able to continue my work when I really needed to, and because of that I thank you for the service.

    Scott H
  • My experience with Acorn Rentals was an extremely positive one. I was given a lovely clean late model car and it was at the crash repairer when we arrived. I would definitely recommend you to anyone needing this service. Thank you.

    Mary P
  • The car was great, clean and in good condition. Everything was great with the service, everything was explained and your staff were really helpful but more importantly polite, really pleasant and nice which sometimes these days you just don’t find, as a lot of companies feel they are doing you a favour. So once again, thanks for everything.

    Kristine H
  • Good afternoon, I can only speak highly about my experience with Acorn. The whole process was effortless and the people I spoke with were very helpful and always kept in contact with me thoughout my claim. I was not inconveinenced in any way. I would highly recommend Acorn, thank you for your great service.

    Stacey S
  • Totally happy with this service. It helped so much, not only with having the use of the car but also the fact that you guys do all the running around etc, took a lot of the stress out of it for us. Would highly recommend you to any friends, family, or acquaintances that have the misfortune to find themselves in the same predicament. Thanks again.

    Karen and Eric
  • Just wanted to say a big thank you for the service that you provided. I was really concerned with how I was going to cope when my car was hit, having it off the road for the week. A friend told me about Acorn Rentals, and it was great. Very quick and efficient, and painless. Fingers crossed I don't need your service again but I have already passed your ...

    Jo Slater
  • Great service, drivers were very nice to deal with. Car was great. Really handy to be able to get to work & back. Great that the car was delivered to me & picked up from me too, really lessened the inconvenience by having a rental car whilst my car was being repaired.

    Michelle D
  • Thank you so much for the prompt & efficient service given to me by Acorn Rentals. I couldn't get over the car being delivered to my home address by Greg-Thank you so much for that. I was very impressed receiving a brand new Toyota Corolla, which ensured that there was no disruption to my shift work, doing the school runs and managing my families&rs...

    Mary P
  • The entire process was very well handled. The professionalism shown by your staff is exemplary. Keep up the good work.

    Wallace F
  • Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at Acorn Rentals for their great service and help.

    Esma D
  • Hello. I am very appreciative of the professional manner in which I was treated. I am grateful for the use of a vehicle and the fact that you delivered it to me and collected it once I had received my own car. Because of the nature of the accident, the fact that it happened at work,and the length of time my car was off the road, quite a lot of peo...

    Evelyn P
  • Thank you Acorn Rentals for making life a bit easier with your service and assistance. Best wishes,

    Arlene B
  • Firstly thank you for the great service. On time with delivery. Good car to drive. (I did miss my car though) Made it very easy for me. Thanks

    Monica C
  • Dear Acorn personnel, Yes, I am impressed by the prompt and efficient service that you provided and the staff are friendly and professional. I will surely recommend your service to my friends. Regards,

  • Hi, I'd like to thank your company for the great customer service you provide - I have been very impressed with your efficiency, level of service and friendly, informative people! I think you are definitely on the right track and will certainly recommend you to others. Kind regards,

    Victoria L
  • Extremely happy with your service with my rental car. Emma was excellent and professional - and she organised all of the details with the Insurance company - I didn't have to do anything. Plus your car was delivered and picked up from the Body Repair shop - extremely convenient for me, very much appreciated, thankyou.

    Corrine G
  • Thank you for the prompt & friendly service you showed us. We have now purchased another car to take the place of the written off Ford. Looking for another car was made easier with the "wheels" you supplied us to look around with. All the best & we will be happy to use your service again, although I hope in different circumstances next tim

    Pam & John M
  • The rental service you have provided was fast, convenient and professional. Thankyou so much for the use of your vehicle.

    Rick B
  • I would like to thank you and your staff for your friendly and no nonsense approach the whole process of both applying for and pick up and drop off of the hire vehicle was simple and much easier than expected. Thank you for all your assistance, and I will not hesitate to refer anyone in the same position as I was to your company. Kind regards.

    Robert B
  • Thank you so much for your service. With out you guys we would of been neck deep in all sorts of trouble with out the car for 2 weeks. Also the cars you supply are great and modern unlike the usual crash shop rentals, Touch wood we dont need your services again but on the same note look forward to using your services again

    Anthony R
  • Great service, great car, well done Acorn Rentals. I will recommend you to my friends.

    Ken L
  • I recently used Acorn Rentals services while my car was being repaired from a non fault accident. I would like to thank you for your professional services and prompt delivery of a comfortable and reliable replacement vehicle to carry on the busy family life commitments. Your services made a very inconvenient event quite manageable.I had not heard of your co...

    Heidi M
  • Just like to say that I was very happy with the service I received from Acorn Rentals. I will definitely be going through you guys again if I need to!

  • I am very appreciative of the professional service I received from Acorn Rentals. From great customer service to quick delivery of the hire car, I cannot fault the service from Acorn. They were very accommodating during a naturally stressful experience of being in a car accident.

    Melanie O
  • Thank you very much Acorn! I really enjoyed driving the rental. It saved me a lot of time and hassle. It also helped me get back into driving after my accident which I was a bit reluctant to do but knew that I had to do it. I would definitely use Acorn again (hopefully I won't be in that situation again though). I would recommend Acorn to anyo

    Maria A
  • I am pleased to say I was extremely happy with the service I received from Acorn. When arranging repairs to my car I asked the insurance company about a loan car and it appeared that I would have to organise my own, pay up front and then wait for reimbursement from the insurance company after the repairs were finished. This did not seem fair as I was not to...

    Andrew P
  •   May I take this opportunity to express my thanks for the excellent service that I had received with my recent car accident, to all the people that I dealt with, were extremely helpful and very professional I have recommended acorn car rentals to all my friends and work colleagues.Once again thank you.

    Mary & Neil D
  • Hi, the rental was all good. Dropping off the vehicle at the crash repairer made it that much easier. Thanks.

    Tanya & John H
  • The service that was provided me was great. I was not inconvenience in any way. From the phone service to the two gentleman that met me at the crash repairers, nothing but praise. I have highly recommended your company too many people (who had no idea about your service). Hope all at Acorn have a great holiday season. Thank you.

    Carol T
  • Great car and wonderful service for people who are not at fault in an accident.

    Julie M
  • No criticisms at all. In fact the person that answered my call could not have been more helpful. We had a hire car within hours of making the call. I was very impressed with her service. Thanks.

    Allan J
  • I have been spruiking the great service your company provides in the event of a non fault accident to everybody I know. Your offering alleviated a lot of inconvenience that would have been otherwise caused as a result of the accident and it was a stress free dealing throughout.

    George Y
  • Hi. The process for availing of your services is extremely simple and straight-forward. The follow up to have the car delivered and picked up is also very good. The condition of the car delivered to me and the courtesy of the sales person who delivered it was very pleasant. Thank you, your service was very good. Cheers.

    Aquil A
  • Hi, from my point of view your service was fantastic and very easy for me.

    Peter F
  • Many thanks for your service.

    Kevin P
  • Thank You. Your service was 1st class - easy, helpful, reliable, understanding. Well done.

    Pat A
  • Hello there, thanks for the service. Pick up and drop off was extremely fast and I very much appreciated the service you provided. Would recommend you. Regards,

    Dirk W
  • Hi There. Yes I did have one of your vehicles for a week while my company car was in the panel beaters. It was fantastic to have the car instead of borrowing my husbands or looking for a lift or public transport. When it was delivered everything was explained to me, I enjoyed driving it, and was convenient to drop it back to Kareena Rd Smash Repairs. Thank ...

    Rhonda S
  • Thank you for the hire van. The service from your company was first class, and your staff was great too. Thank you.

    Peter W
  • Hi. I am 100% happy with the service.  The car was great and you took a really difficult situation and made it work out very well.  I was so impressed that you even went to collect the baby seat and brought that up to me in Chatswood - all the way from Burraneer Bay - wow! What great PR for you guys - I have told so many people about how you guys

    Marisa T
  • We were very impressed by the service received when dealing with Acorn Rentals, both while on the telephone and on taking delivery of the rental vehicle 10/10, Congratulations and Thank You. 

    Barry and Heather P
  • I would just like to say I was very satisfied with the customer service provided by Acorn Rentals. Drew was very good in working with me to provide the car at the time that suited me.

    Sharon R
  • Thanks for your assistance with the replacement car. The entire process was extremely simple and conducted very professionally. The convenience and quality of your service was first class Thanks once again.

    Kevin O
  •   Hi, I'd like to thank your service, it was a great help for everyone who doesn't have car hire option in their insurance policy while they're not at fault driver. It's really a peace of mind solution.

    Wahyu W
  • Thank you. You guys helped a lot, that’s for sure.You delivered the car to me and picked up where I dropped off at smash repairer. Very professional service! Thank you.

    John N
  • Thank you for your service. I shall be glad to recommend your rental service anytime, and yes, it did lessen the cost and frustration the accident caused through no fault of mine. Thank you again.

    Cheryl S
  • To the team at Acorn Rentals, thank you so much for all your help in organizing a car for me last week. And special thanks to Carolina for her diligent efforts to make it all happen just in time. I would not hesitate in recommending your company to family, friends or associates in the future.

    Greg D
  • I would just like to say a big thank you to Acorn Rentals for being the least hassle and most friendly people I had to deal with after having my car badly damaged in an accident. I was mucked around by the insurer and the repair company, but after every delay that meant the replacement rental vehicle was required for longer, the Acorn rental staff I spoke t...

    Narelle J
  •   I'd just like to say what I said to the boys who came to pick up the vehicle, the service was a godsend in a sea of difficulty. Got me out of a jam and allowed me to get on with it.  Really appreciated all that Acorn offered me.

    John P
  • I found the service from the Acorn team very professional and thorough, I give Gabby a 9 out of 10, she was extremely helpful and vey pleasant to deal with.

    Sam D
  • Thank you for the fantastic, trouble-free service you provided me during such difficult time. I indeed not only enjoyed driving the vehicle but what I enjoyed the most was the litttle effort in took to process everything from my side. What a great idea, service and skilled staff you all have.

    Norma L
  • Would just like to say thank you for the car, the service and everything.  I certainly have recommended you to lots of people.

    Maria P
  • Great service. Thanks guys.

    Bob R
  • Just to say I had outstanding service from you when I rang to ask about a car hire while my car was in for repair. Your receptionist was efficient, friendly and very helpful and sorted it out with the 3rd party's insurance instantly. She advised she would come back to me in 2 days with the information and did!!! The car was delivered and picked ...

    Gaynor Pickles
  • Thank you for the convenience of a replacement vehicle. We liked the Yaris which had plenty of space and headroom. Your service was prompt and friendly. Thank you.

    Adele & Ken M
  • Having the opportunity to use your sevice has been utterly amazing. The fast and effective way you all worked together has honestly made the ordeal a smooth ride. My family and I sincerely thank you for your prompt way of dealing with the short notice I had given you to provide your service. You we...

    Justyna H
  • Hi there. Great service all around, the car was brand new and a pleasure to drive around.  I was a bit sorry to get my old car back.

    Pete V
  • I can't thank you enough for your prompt and efficient service. After my accident where my car was a total write off, I had no way of getting to and from work and of also getting my 2 children to school and to their many activities after school. I was given you number to contact and before I knew it a car was in my driveway the day of my accident with m...

    Karen W
  • Hi there. I was really impressed with your friendly and helpful service. Thank you so much!

    Rebecca H
  • After enduring three days of foot-dragging by 'Brand-X' in getting a replacement rental car while my own car was being fixed, I rang Acorn in frustration. Acorn delivered a car to my home within four hours!  I kept Acorn's car for three weeks. I left it at the smash repair shop for Acorn to pick up when my repaired vehicle was ready. I neve...

    Stewart T
  • I would just like to extend a huge thank you for your wonderful service throughout my car ordeal. You were prompt to supply a fabulous rental car that I found really great for the city. It came with a full tank of petrol, ready to use and delivered to my area of choice. Your staff, in particular Paul, was very helpful and personable. Also the girls answerin...

    Vanessa P
  • I would like to let you know that I experienced excellent service from Acorn.  I faxed an application late in the afternoon, expecting that I wouldn't be given a car for a few days.  I received a follow-up call in the morning and the car was in my driveway an hour later.  I was very impressed and grateful for the speedy service. ...

    Tina K
  • Dear Acorn Rentals, Many thanks for an efficient service while my car was being repaired. May I also specifically comment your client service person who went out of her way to solve the problem of returning the car last week. When I told her I was driving back from Canberra and then on to Bourke the next day she offered to come back to the depot i...

    Steve A
  • Hi. I just want to thank you for providing such a good service that saved me lots of time. It was greatly appreciated. The people I had conversation with were very nice and helpful. Keep up the good work and I would certainly use the service again if anything happens to my car.

    Jason X
  • Hi Guys. Very impressed!! The service was good, the vehicle great, and the pick up and drop off went without a hitch. I would definitely recommend your service.

    Steve G-J
  • I have no complaints about the service I received from Acorn Rentals and would recommend your company. Having done the 'paper work' over the internet for the first time Carolina was more than helpful and saved me a lot of bother. The gentleman who brought the rental car to the repair shop was most helpful also. I would be happy to do business with y...

    Isobel B
  • My experience with Acorn was very professional. When I needed the vehicle quite urgently, I was impressed with the service, in which your company had the vehicle to me within 1 hour! There was no fuss and everything was simple and easy to follow. I would recommend Acorn to anyone who requires your service, without hesitation. Once again, thank you so much f...

    Ben L
  • To the Admin Team, just to let you know that Acorn Rentals made our time without our vehicle painless, in both the pick-up and return of the rental car. The car was delivered to us clean and tidy with a full tank of petrol with the only instruction for us was to return it with a full tank, which we did.We were recommended to Acorn by Concorse and would have...

    Warren A
  • Your service was exceptional! Super quick, minimal paperwork, no hassles. Both the office staff I spoke to on the phone and the guy who came out to drop off the car for me were very friendly, helpful and professional. I would recommend your service highly.

    Jennifer G
  • Hello, I'm pleased to say that I was absolutely delighted with both the car and the service you provided.  I received an almost new Xtrail (only 8,000kms on the clock) which was VERY nice and your representative, who met me at the repairers when I dropped my car off, was happy to assist me in moving THREE baby seats across ...

    Lisa B
  • I would like to commend Acorn on a very professional manner in which this rental was handled. It is credit to the team at Acorn from start to finish and I am only too happy to tell the rest of our employees (6000) throughout Australia about your company and service you provide.

    Trevor E
  • I was very pleased with the hirer agent's customer service (Paul), he has explained everything to me about the hiring conditons & he was also very pleasant, polite & friendly. The vehicle was in very good conditon & working order & it was a fairly new vehicle with very low km's. Hence if I'm ever to be in a vehicle accident again...

    Tim M
  • Thank you so much, I appreciated the ease in which Acorn Rentals helped me when I was confronted with a challenging scenario without a car. I found Acorn to be extremely helpful and was not inconvenienced at all without a car and would be happy to refer your company to anyone that finds themselves in the same situation. Thanks again for all your help

  • This service is absolutely second to none, thank you so much for a hassle free rental which was absolutely fantastic whilst my car was being repaired allowing me to continue my usual daily commitments. I will certainly recommend Acorn Rentals without a doubt. Much appreciated.

  • I am responding to your email regarding the hire car you provided me with while mine was getting fixed. I couldn't have been more happy with the service and car provided. Everyone I spoke to on the phone and the guys, who delivered the car to me, were helpful and courteous, and the car was brilliant. Thank you for everything and I would have no hesitati...

    Raelene G
  • Hi, Acorn's service was very good. I was happy with the car & all whom I spoke with from Acorn were professional, polite, understanding & helpful. Acorn turned a very stressful situation into a manageable situation. Thank you! I will definitely recommend Acorn to others.

    Maricar T
  • I would like to thank you for the quick and convenient service that you provide. I have told my friends about your service, being an older person and looking after my 3 year old grandson it was fantastic to be able to take him to various activities by having a car. Thank you so much.

    Anne F
  • It’s me that should be thanking you. I have a newborn baby, and it would have been very inconvenient to be without a car for almost 3 weeks. You made the situation very easy and painless. I will be recommending anyone I know to get repairs done through Panther Prestige so that they can take advantage of your service. Thanks

    Nicole H
  • Hi, we are delighted that we found you guys. Your services is wonderful. Thank so much.

    Ely B
  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Acorn for their excellent customer service, the entire process took around 10 minutes and everything was arranged as promised. I would definitely recommend Acron rentals to anyone who has been involved in an accident and are not at fault. 

    Neil S
  • Thank you to the Acorn team for helping to ensure that a stressful situation was minimized. Your service was prompt, professional and much appreciated. The car was lovely to drive and I would certainly look at using your cars again.

    Kate W
  • Thank you it was a terrific help and the staff were very helpful. Kind regards.

    Allison R
  • Very, very pleased with the service and have been telling everyone about you. Can't fault the service in any way. Thank you very much for helping me out and making my mishap non stressful.ould not pursue me for the rental cost. I would have no hesitation in using your service again.edback is worthwhile. The car itself was adequate for my needs and the a...

    Gail O
  • I am extremely grateful for the fast, efficient service your team provided. There is no way I could afford, at the time, to pay for a hire car for over 4 weeks, as the insurers expect before reimbursing those not at fault. The inconvenience of not having a vehicle as a single working mother (sales rep) of two school aged boys was an extremely stressful...

    Kiri S
  • Service was great, Thanks again.

    Shelley G
  • Thank you for your assistance & I can only say that I am extremely happy with Acorns service for the last 3 times I have used your service. I would be happy for you to use my reference for future customers interested in your service. Many thanks & I look forward to recommending Acorn to all my friends should the need arise.

  • I received excellent service and have had a great experience with Acorn Rentals. Having a car accident that isn't your fault is stressful enough as the smash repairer has been rubbish and I got a fine from the ranger for obstruction even though I couldn't drive my car. Thankfully you guys were stress free and even lightened the load with one le...

    Amanda C
  • I want to say thank you for help in a time of crisis. The service was impeccable. Unbeknown to me, I left some personals in the trunk when i dropped off the car at the smash repairer. I recieved a phone call from the driver telling me that i had items that i left in the car and he kindly dropped them off for me at my address whilst I wasnt around to be...

    Glen M
  • Thanks for hire car and the excellent and friendly service.

    Roman J
  • Thank you for your services and for providing a friendly and hassle free experience.

  • Many thanks; the Acorn Rental service was outstanding.  Easy drop off and pick up.  I would recommend it to anyone.

    Melissa F
  • Thanks a lot, I am very happy with the service provided. I am happy to pass my experience and information to my friends and colleagues.

    Keshab K
  • I wish to thank Acorn Rentals for their helpful service and attention to details. It was great not to have to worry about details as you took care of everything. I would like to thank Carolina who looked after details in a professional manner.

    Marie P
  • Thanks for the service, it made the whole process very easy.

  • Can I just say a big 'thank you' to you at Acorn Rentals! I was very satisfied with the help that you gave me, all staff were very friendly and I received great service from start to finish. I would certainly recommend your company to others.

  • It was the second time we have used Acorn Rentals and it was good. Car was comfortable.

    Gayle B
  • Thanks for the Great Service.

    Simon Z
  • I would like to say the service was fantastic. I would most definitely recommend Acorn Rentals to anyone.

    Sherry W
  • The best experience I have had with hire motor vehicles. The service was friendly, quick and the overall process was efficient. I have been recommending your service to all friends, family and work collegues as I am 110% satisfied with the whole experience with Acorn Rentals. Thank you for making my life easier through this trialled time. Che

    Mirabel M
  • I found that the service offered by Acorn Rentals was excellent. The staff were very pleasant and the whole process was faultless. A great service which saved a lot of inconvenience while my car was being repaired. Everything ran extremely smoothly and I was very impressed by the whole experience. Thanks Acorn Rentals on a job well done.

    Debbie D
  • Thank you for the rental car you provided, it took out the anxiety of everyday work n home life. Don't worry I will make sure my family n friends know about your service. Thanks for being there when I really needed it.

    Adrienne Takerei
  • Thank you for your great service, we will definitely suggest you to our family and friends.

    Mojgan O
  • Thanks to your helpful and courteous staff and the facility you have made available for trouble free convenient motoring after my traffic accident. Getting your repairers to suggest you should be a requirement, though we know this isn't possible. Shame that. I would have no trouble in recommending your company to anyone I know who needs your service. Th

    Dennis L
  • Hi There, I found your service very easy to use. Your representative arrived on time. He explained everything to me before signing the contract including if you were not able to recoup the funds from the insurance that Acorn rentals would not pursue me for the rental cost. I would have no hesitation in using your service again.edback is worthwhile. The car ...

    Paul C
  • Hi there found the service, professional, prompt and very efficient.  Thank you for the car.  The car was great.  The flexibility and caring staff were excellent, from the driver to dropped the car off, to the girls on the phone, will recommend you to my friends.  

    Pasqua P
  • The car was great and drop off and pick up service was hassle free and many thanks for looking after me.

    Bill M
  • I am very pleased with the way your company operates and I will tell my friends about it. Thanks very much, it was good to get your help.

    Alvaro G
  • I have only good comments to say about Acorn Rental, they were fantastic and the car was lovely!

    Natalie W
  • Thank you to Acorn Rentals for essentially doing all the hard work and providing me with a modern, efficient car and a service that was completely fuss-free.

    Gary M
  • Thanks for the rental car for me. Your company is so good. If I ever need a rental/hire car I will call you back.  will be recommending you guys! Thank you very much.

    John Z
  • Thank you for the experience associated with Acorn Rentals.The Toyota Corolla was an excellent vehicle to drive and the service by the personnel involved was spot on! I would certainly speak highly of Acorn Rentals to anyone who may be interested in car rentals for the future!

    Barry A
  • Thank you to all for your prompt, reliable and friendly service in regards to hiring a car while my car was being repaired. Acorn is one of the few companies I have dealt with that has exceptional customer service from the initial contact to arrange the car to having the car delivered to my place of work. I would not hesitate to refer your services to other...

    Allan D
  • I could not fault your service at all.  I was extremely impressed with both your staff, the process and the car. If only all interactions with companies were as easy as interacting with your company.  I have been telling anybody that will listen about your service and will continue to do so into the future. Congratulations on creating somethi...

    Vanessa M
  • I could not fault your service at all.  I was extremely impressed with your staff, the process and the car. If only all interactions with companies were as easy as interacting with your company.  I have been telling anybody that will listen about your service and will continue to do so into the future. Congratulations on creating something very sp...

    Vanessa M
  • I wanted to let you know the Ladies in the office had been fantastic. Especially Emma and Rose. Very helpful and went above and beyond for me. Thank you For your great service.  

    Megan A
  • We have just returned the hire car today, as our car was ready to be picked up. From the first telephone call with Acorn - I was impressed with the ‘service with a smile’ attitude that all of your staff seem to have. Nothing was too much trouble. The car was delivered to us at exactly the time we were told. Everything was cov...

    Liz T
  • Everything was fabulous! 10/10, huge thankyou to Gabby, she made the experience easy and quick! I got to drive around in a better car than my own! Cheers.

    Fabienne B
  • Dear Admin Team at Acorn Rentals, Your service was outstanding!! I would rate it a 10 out of 10. From the very first phone call your team were professional and extremely competent. AAA repairs told me of your service when I told them that I did not have car hire in my own  insurance and although only a week, I needed a car to drive during rep...

    Merrilyn R
  • I would like to thank you for your assistance and certainly would have no hesitation in recommending your excellent service.

    Paula L
  • What can I say!!Absolutely fantastic, you guys have made life so much easier by supplying a car while mine was being repaired. I couldn't be more grateful, a job well done. No hassle or inconvenience. Thanks so much, I will be recommending your service to everyone.

    Brenda H
  • Hello, just thought I'd give you some feedback to say that you guy's are great, the service was awesome, the car I was given was great and the communication from the staff was excellent. Certainly will be recommending you guys! Thank you very much.

    Ryan R
  • Hello, just thought I’d give you some feedback to say that you guy’s are great, the service was awesome, the car I was given was great and the communication from the staff was excellent. Certainly will be recommending you guys! Thank you very much.

    Ryan R
  • I'm very happy with the service and it was free. I don't know how to thank you for the services and your help. I will recommend everyone I know to have the same service from Acorn Rentals if they have any accident (only if it’s not their fault)

    Dony P
  • I would just like to say that you were fantastic and I would recommend using Acorn Rentals to anyone in my situation, who through no fault of their own is suddenly inconvenienced by not having a car. At a time of stress, getting your own car sorted and fixed and claims processed, having Acorn make things easy was so appreciated, from the online applica...

    Vivienne T
  • Great service, delivery was on time and the car was in good condition.

    Paul W
  • Thank you Acorn for making my accident problems less of a stress. I had the little car for nearly 10 days and that enabled me to continue working without fault. Thank you again!!!

    Marilyn L
  • Hi, Just like to thank Acorn Rentals for their help and positive customer service. Having the use of the little toyota was fantastic as my wife is a casual teacher and she picked up three days work, and with the back up car it really helped us out. Thanks once again.

    Jeff R
  • It was a pleasure dealing with all the staff at Acorn Rentals. All the staff were very efficient and helpful.

    Melissa W
  • Very happy with the service, I will certainly recommend it to anyone elseI know who may need your assistance.

    Mandy S
  • Thanks for the great service. I will recommend you to my friends.

    Karissa S
  • Hi Acorn Rentals. I'd like to provide you with feedback and say that the service provided by Acorn was excellent. I was on the good side of not having been at fault in the car accident with my own vehicle, which has led me to utilise the services of Acorn Rentals. The organisation of the car delivery and timing was perfect and the communication includin...

    Kyra G
  • My experience with you folks was all good. Thank you.  

    Tony H
  • Hi. Yes, I felt that Acorn was of great convenience to me from my non at fault accident. My car ended up being at the workshop for over twice as long as I was quoted so it was great to have a car while mine was getting repaired. I found the staff friendly and professional. They were waiting for me when I went to drop off my car and it was easy to leave...

    Darija S
  • Hi. I recently used a hire car from Acorn so that I was able to get to and from work due to having a car accident and it being in for repair. Would like to take this opportunity to say a very big THANK YOU for the use of a Corolla. It is so easy when everything is done for you, from delivering the car to my workplace, then leaving at the Smash Rep...

    Lesley S
  • I just wanted to say thanks very much, excellent service, kind, informative, and friendly staff (especially the person who delivered the car). Having a replacement car was very helpful, and having it delivered to me was very convenient. The car was also in great condition. What more can I say, thank you very much once again.

  • The car I rented from you (a Toyota Corolla hatch) was delivered on time to Andrews Smash Repairs at Moorebank. It was in great condition, very clean and easy to drive. Thank you for providing a great service for drivers who are not at fault. I will recommend your company to family and friends requiring your services.

    Cheryl C
  • I was very happy with the service provided by Acorn Rentals; you guys were a pleasure to deal with.

    Niall McDonagh
  • Just the friendliest most efficient company I have ever dealt with. Could not recommend you highly enough. I will make sure all my circle of friends knows what a pleasure you are to do business with.

    Sharon F
  •   Hi Acorn. Thanks so much for the use of the car during the period that my own car was being repaired. Given that it was 7 business days it would have been a big struggle for me to be without a car for that length of time. It enabled me to get to work and transport my children. Would’ve been quite an expense to pay to hire one of my o...

    Leanna R
  • Hello, Thank you so much for your prompt and incredibly efficient service. Being able to have a car available while mine was being fixed after an accident which was not my fault was fantastic and most amazing of all was that the car was new and not an old worn out vehicle. I haven't stopped raving about how easy and great the whole intera...

    Amy W
  • Dear All. Your people were lovely to deal with - how refreshing!!! So many sullen and short-tempered people in customer service, but your folks were gems. Thanks for everything and please tell me when you intend selling the nifty corolla I was driving - I am interested in buying it or one similar. Many thanks to Carolina and Lyndonn. Che

    Angela D
  • Hi. I was impressed by how quick things were sorted out. And I was also able to drive a brand new car which was just fair since my car is brand new. Thank you and keep up the good job!

    Dominic T
  • Hi, just a quick feedback. Everything was awesome. Great service! Much appreciated.

    Venessa K
  • I am so thankful that I found you guys! After a bit of "Googleinvestigations" I found an article which stated that if you are in a accident and are not at fault, you can approach the other parties insurance company to provide a replacement vehicle.  This article stated there were companies that do this on your behalf. Further investigations r...

    Melanie W
  • Dear Admin Team. Thank you for your email. Acorn Rentals were very helpful, courteous and understanding whilst my car was off the road. The car I was provided with was of good quality and was delivered when promised and in excellent condition. The gentleman that delivered the car was very professional and polite as we all of th...

    Jenny J
  • Thank you to Acorn Rentals. You must be the best kept secret in the smash repair industry. I am amazed that I have never heard of this service before, or that any of my friends hadn’t either. The customer service was beyond reproach from the first phone call till the last, when the car was returned. I was kept fully informed the whole time. More busin...

    Rivet G
  • Hi. I am grateful for the service you provided. Everyone in your team was very helpful. Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me. Regards.

    Wei Z
  • It was all fantastic. Thank you so much. Couldn't have done it without you.

  • All I  can say is a big thank you. I found your service excellent and I would certainly recommend it to people. It was very convenient drop off and pickup. It has made the inconvenience of not having my own car must easier. Thank you again

    Jenny R
  • At all times the staff at Acorn Rentals were fantastic... helpful... polite.... and responded immediately to any question or query. The telephone was answered with utmost professionalism every time. The car was delivered to the smash repairs at Castle Hill. I was pleasantly surprised by the service provided... was very professional... I left the car at the ...

    Vivek A
  • Hi, I would just like to say thanks very much for the convenience of having you being there to help us with the replacement of a car. Things were made so much easier without having to rely on people to pick up and drop off school drop offs and other necessary chores that go along with it. We hope there will not be a need to have a replacement car in the fut...

    Kerry M
  • Dear Sir/Madam. Thank you for all your efforts in providing me with replacement car after non fault accident, you have saved my time efforts and money and the most important thing is handeling the insurance company hassle. Thank you once again and I wish you all the best of success and i will recommend your service to all my contacts all time

    Ibrahim G